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Screen Mirroring - Projector, Admin and Receptor (Miracast, AirPlay and FFMPEG), a tool to broadcasts the desktop screen of a computer or mobile Screen with audio for presentations and training sessions

Screen Mirroring Solution for AirPlay (Apple IOS/MacOS), Miracast (Android and Windows 8.1 or 10) and Windows (FFMPEG).

Where Can We use Screen Mirroring?




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How Does it Work?

Acronus Software has developed a complete Screen Mirroring solution where we have 3 modules to manage all Screen Mirroring: from mobile and laptop to TV's over Wi-Fi or network (cable).
1-) Receptor module: will show the projectors screen (students / users).
2-) Admin module: will manage which service will be active on the receivers (AirPlay, Miracast or FFMPEG Stream), it can turn on or off any of these services.
3-) Projector module: can connect to active receivers using a portable device connected to the Wi-Fi (mobile, Laptop) or network (cable).

Screen Mirroring Projector - Apple Version IOS and MacOS

You need just AirPlay Mirroring from IOS and MacOs devices.

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You can download from Windows Store and Play Store!